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Our Talking Cityzens

  • Ana Poças living in cities in the south, east and north of Europe: Porto, Warsaw and Utrecht
    15 April 2013
    Ana Poças is a Portuguese intern at EUKN, she holds a Master in Sustainable Development from Utrecht University, and has specialized in Urban Sustainability. Ana tells us about what she learned from the time she lived in the following cities: Warsaw, Utrecht and Gaia.
  • Adaptive urbanism: creative solutions when long term planning doesn't work by Manu Fernandez
    21 January 2013
    Manu Fernandez from Spain is an independent strategic urban thinker and designer of innovative urban actions. His blog is about an adaptive strategy for municipalities. Fernandez: the current state of permanent paralysis and widespread budget cuts which municipal policies are going through has led to a landscape of stalled projects, white elephants and stationary cranes. Residential developments will take longer to accomplish, large scale regeneration projects will need extended schedules, failed transport infrastructures and projected real estate operations will keep their doors closed waiting for better times to come.
  • The Palas project: what happens when urban renewal follows the investor by Liliana Cazacu
    19 December 2012
    This time our Talking Cityzen comes from Romania. Liliana Cazacu is an architect currently working as consultant for several organizations active in the field of preservation. Her blog is about how public space is being transformed from commons into private enclosure and how most of the citizens perceive this alteration.
  • New York’s High Line: A Green Way to Experience a City by Pepijn Zaagman
    20 November 2012
    This week our Talking Cityzen is Pepijn Zaagman. He has a bachelor degree in sociology from the University of Westminster in London. He works as a trainee at the The Hague Municipality and at EMI. In his blog he writes about the successful High Line park in New York.
  • Technology alone is not enough in a smart city by Manu Fernandez
    20 September 2012
    This time our Talking Cityzen is Manu Fernandez, independent strategic urban thinker and designer of innovative urban actions. Interested in working on projects related to urban economy, local sustainability, urban innovation processes and actions, digital cities and civic engagement in public space.
  • Crowd-made urbanism - when people make cities by Veronika Kovacsova
    20 September 2012
    This time our Talking Cityzen is Veronika Kovacsova, an urban design student at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture. She holds a Master degree in Social Sciences (urban sociology). Besides her academic education, she has 3 years of experience working as a jr. urban designer at renowned offices in Amsterdam. Currently she is working on her graduation project dealing with the topic of urban climate change.
  • Talking Cityzen blog: creation of unsold stock in Italy by Alberto Celani
    17 September 2012
    EMI invited Alberto Celani to write a blog about the problematic housing market in Italy Alberto Celani is born and lives in Milan, Lombardia. He is graduated in Logistics and Production Engineering, specialised in Building Environment Science and Technology Engineering. His thesis was about unsold stock of housing in Italy. He works as consultant in management and strategy, mainly in sport-related projects. He is a licensed journalist since 2007, he cooperated with the major media outlet ‘Observers of France24’ and with several other media outlets both national and international.
  • Industrial areas for a better city: what Paris does with(in) its borders by Federico Savini
    28 June 2012
    This time our Talking Cityzen is Federico Savini. He is concluding his PhD projects at the University of Amsterdam. His research has lead him through several cities, from Milan to Copenhagen, to Paris and Amsterdam. He pushes on civic participation and urban politics with particular focus on large scale redevelopment interventions in peripheral areas and Brownfield.
  • A Sad Situation by Rein Zwart
    22 May 2012
    Our new ´Talking Cityzen´ is Rein Zwart. He has almost completed his study ‘Climate & Management’ at The Hague University. According to him, immediate transition to more sustainable energy sources is crucial. Internships at the Municipality of The Hague and for the Dutch parliament have only strengthened his conviction. Rein Zwart: ‘Let’s talk about sustainable development. Sustainable development is a challenge for the future.’
  • Polder motives & cultural resonance in landscaping by Bruno vd Elshout
    27 February 2012
    Our new ´Talking Cityzen´ is Bruno van den Elshout. He travelled all 27 member states of the European Union to discover and describe the national mindset of each country. Bruno van den Elshout: Thinking of Holland, I see broad rivers, moving slowly through endless lowlands. These are the first lines from the famous poetic ode Remembrance of Holland, written by Hendrik Marsman in 1936. Add 2 500 kilometers of motorways to this poem and you'll get an impression of what The Netherlands look like, 75 years down the line.
  • Barcelona´s Green Corridors: another or an other urban project? by Tine Vleugels (Belgium)
    23 January 2012
    This time our ´Talking Cityzen´ is Tine Vleugels from Belgium. She has a Master Degree in Regional and Population Studies. She gives her personal view on a green corridor project in Barcelona. Tine Vleugels: The Barcelona City Council has launched a competition to design 16 entrances to the Natural Park of the Collserola hill, which is the natural border between the Catalan capital and its metropolitan area. The project aims to link the Natural Park to the city, to rearrange the Collserola neighbourhoods and to ‘renaturate’ the city, through 16 green corridors. However, Collserola has been subjected to numerous land use planning before. Ideas such as green corridors remind of former projects designed by the previous municipal government. So what´s new?
  • Neighbourhood Tarlabasi in Istanbul by Ayse Taspinar (Turkey)
    15 December 2011
    Talking Cityzen is a blog written by citizens of European cities. It is a platform for citizens to give their personal views and to share their knowledge on urban topics. In this way policy makers and researchers can gain insights into what really matters to the inhabitants of a city. Our first ´Talking Cityzen´ is Ayse Taspinar, second year student Conflict Analysis and Resolution at Sabanci University in Turkey. She gives her personal view on the development of Istanbul.
  • Bucharest. Old ways, new ways, and sarcasm by Alexandru Ghita (Romania)
    29 November 2011
    EMI introduces something new: a blog written by citizens of European cities. EMI offers individual inhabitants a platform to give their personal views and to share their knowledge on urban topics. Policy makers and researchers can gain insights into what really matters to the inhabitants of a city. Our first ´Talking Cityzen´ is Alexandru Ghita, urban planner in Bucharest. He gives his personal view on the development of Bucharest over the past 20 years.