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Survey: EU2020 what is happening on the ground?

The Committee of the Regions (CoR) is holding a survey that looks at whether, and to what extent, Europe 2020 is adding value to local and regional policies. The results of the survey will feed into the 2nd CoR Monitoring Report on Europe 2020, to be published in December 2011 as a contribution to the European Commission's 2012 Annual Growth Survey - just before the 2012 Spring European Council issues political guidance for the 2nd European Semester. All EU regions and cities are invited to participate. To participate, please fill in the survey and send it to the Committee of the Regions (CoR). Deadline for sending in the suvey is 3 October 2011.

About EU2020

The Europe 2020 strategy was launched by the European Council in June 2010. It aims to put the EU on a path towards smart, sustainable and inclusive growth by 2020. Five headline targets have been set for the EU as a whole and seven Flagship Initiatives (Innovation Union, Youth on the move, a Digital agenda for Europe, Resource- efficient Europe, an Industrial policy for the globalisation era, an Agenda for new skills and jobs, and the European platform against poverty) have been launched to help the strategy achieve its goals. 

Comittee of the Regions: ´Europe 2020 will not achieve the expected results unless it is designed and implemented in partnership between all relevant government levels, through the adoption of multilevel governance tools. In fact, as local and regional authorities are heavily involved in delivering in almost all policy fields covered by Europe 2020, strong coordination and integration of policy actions by all government levels in these fields would make the most of the new strategy in an era of severe budgetary restraint.´