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RFSC helps cities in pursuing sustainable urban development

The Reference Framework for European Sustainable Cities (RFSC) has been successfully launched and is now available to all European cities and municipalities wishing to pursue an integrated and sustainable urban development. The RFSC offers practical support in integrating sustainability principles into policies and actions at various urban scales, from neighbourhood level to the wider metropolitan level.

There are 3 tools available:

  • a tool to help cities develop an integrated, sustainable urban strategy or project; 
  • a tool to help users check current strategies or projects against the EU vision of what a sustainable, integrated city should be;
  • and lastly the website will supply users with a wide range of indicators to help users track the progress of their strategy over a certain period of time.

The RFSC offers also specific objectives designed to address the challenges of deprived urban neighbourhoods. Visit the RFSC-website, sign up today and join the RFSC-community: follow the steps.







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