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Europe 2020: 2nd Monitoring Report to bridge the partnership gap

In December 2011 the Committee of the Regions (CoR) published its 2nd Monitoring Report on the growth strategy Europe 2020. The Committee of the Regions is the political assembly that provides the regional and local levels with a voice in EU policy development and EU legislation. The report summarises the outcome of the monitoring activities undertaken by the Committee of the Regions in the last 12 months, on how Europe 2020 is being implemented on the ground and to what extent the local and regional authorities are being involved in its design and implementation.

The report is based on input from surveys launched by the Committee’s Europe 2020 Monitoring Platform. This platform includes more than 150 regions, cities and other territorial public authorities from all EU Member States, who help monitoring the implementation of Europe 2020 on the ground. Besides the surveys, the report reflects discussions held during several conferences organised by the Committee of the Regions. The CoR concludes that a huge effort is under way in virtually all policy fields related to Europe 2020. Other important conclusions described in the report are:

  1. Partnership gap: CoR explains that in most cases, local and regional authorities were merely consulted, but not involved as partners. That is why there exists a partnership gap.
  2. Multilevel governance approaches:  according to CoR these approaches are applied or planned in only a few cases as yet. The CoR thinks their broad adoption would help to increase ownership of Europe 2020 by European citizens.
  3. Adequate financial resources: in the light of this monitoring report, the CoR confirms that the next Multiannual Financial Framework will have to provide adequate resources in order to be able to fund the Europe 2020 and cohesion priorities properly.
  4. Partnership Contract: according to CoR with respect to the draft regulation on the Common Strategic Framework for cohesion policy, a Partnership Contract between the Commission and each Member State would tailor the use of cohesion and other EU policy instruments to the Europe 2020 objectives.


To learn more about the Monitoring Platform and to become its member visit the CoR-website.