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EMI as expert in ECOSOC´s opinion on Metropolitan Areas in EU2020

The European Economic and Social Committee (ECOSOC) decided to draw up an own-initiative opinion on the Metropolitan Areas and City Regions in Europe2020. EMI cooperates with Mr. Joost van Iersel, chair of the EU2020 committee of ECOSOC on formulating this opinion. EMI´s director Ms. Hester Menninga is acting as expert on metropolitan areas and city regions in Europe. The aim is to formulate an opinion that entails concrete recommendations and actions to be taken by all actors involved including the European Commission and European Council.

EMI would like to incorporate the following points:

  • Stress the importance of combining research and practice in order to come to a better cooperation (EMI´s guiding principle: research based, practice led);
  • Streamline the existing instruments on the EU-level: efficiency, effectiveness;
  • Bring in together all stakeholders and making use of already existing practices, ideas, initiatives and knowledge to build on those instead of reinventing the wheel each year;
  • Complete the entire process from thinking until acting.  

Process of formulating an opinion
The first draft was discussed at the end of May 2011 in the working group of the ECOSOC and is now being fine-tuned for the next meeting of the working group, foreseen in July 2011. The working group strives at adoption of their opinion during the ECOSOC plenary session in September 2011. Through the EMI-website we will keep you up to date regarding this process.