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Interview shop around for solutions to urban challenges

EMI interviewed the co-founder of, Sascha Haselmayer. is a new online global marketplace to connect cities with providers that have a view on how to solve urban challenges. These solution providers showcase their products and services on the online global marketplace. The marketplace provides solutions in a wide spectrum of areas such as health, transport, mobility, logistics, public services and tourism.

Who are the solution providers?

Haselmayer: ‘ gives cities the opportunity to find innovative solutions to their problems. The solution providers are diverse. Private companies as well as social entrepreneurs, research centers and even cities themselves can post their working solutions online. For example the city of Francisco showcased their new parking system'.


What is’s added value to the normal procedure in which cities currently initiate calls for tender and pilot?

Haselmayer: ‘the aim of is not in the selling and buying of goods and services, but it is a way to create a more intelligent per-procurement process for cities that are looking for an innovative solution to one of their challenges. On a regular basis we execute surveys among cities and one of the things that came out of these surveys is that cities do not know where to look and search when they need a solution to a problem. 90% of cities lack any kind of procedure or methodology for the pre-procurement phase, whether this is in dealing with unsolicited proposals or publication of challenges on their website. brings together cities and solution providers to share knowledge and that gives cities the opportunity to really improve their situation.’

When a city sees a showcase that seems interesting what is the next step?

Haselmayer: ‘cities can register with a free account and browse the catalogue with over 700+ solutions. When they see a relevant solution, they press the "interested" button to directly start a conversation with the solution provider.’

What was one of the most successful solutions showcased on its platform up till now?

• 'Connecthings is a showcase that was selected by the cities of Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona, the district Londonderry and Hamburg as the best solution out of 600 technologies to improve their tourist experience. These cities have placed special digital tags and codes on public buildings, bus stops and public furniture to provide relevant and interactive content to tourists through their mobile phones.'

• 'SKYBUS is the smart ‘à la carte’ microbus service that takes passengers where they want at the time they want, sharing the trip with other passengers with similar trips. The SKYBUS digital platform manages web & mobile trip requests, allocates them to vehicles and adapts routes in real-time.'

Curious to know more? Visit directly and start shopping around!