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  • Is urban iconic architecture a thing of the past?
    20 November 2012
    It was a horrible grey and rainy November morning when the all too familiar ‘ping’ rudely awoke me from my (obviously) work-related day dream announcing an incoming e-mail. The e-mail subject read ‘a bridge too far?’. And the contents revealed a link and photograph of what looked like a giant bouncy castle-type structure built across a river, with miniature people evidently having the times of their lives jumping and soaring their way across it.
  • Words, words, words
    28 June 2012
    Gauging the responses to our sustainability questionnaire, writing a foreword for our EMI annual report 2011, reading EMI case-studies on polycentrism, presenting our institute to third parties, preparing for upcoming JPI Urban Europe meetings, scanning the do’s and don’ts in our practical guide on sustainable mobility, brainstorming on EMI in 2013, celebrating an adopted EU-proposal...
  • Building Blocks of Making City
    24 April 2012