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  • Let the lights lead the way
    24 October 2011
    A little perspective makes a big difference. And flying in an airplane makes this truth especially clear. The instant the airplane wheels leave the runway, and just after you’ve experienced that rather unpleasant sensation of being pushed to the floor by a million invisible air-pressure-filled hands, the world seems to be a different place completely. And I mean this figuratively as much as literally.
  • Summer in Europe
    19 July 2011
    Ahh, the summer has arrived. But no ice cream and cold (non-alcoholic) drinks for us! Because the summer months, besides being an ideal time for taking that well-deserved holiday, are usually also the perfect time to reminisce, take stock and carefully plan ahead for the upcoming months.
  • A living lab lesson
    23 May 2011
    Gazing out on miles of turquoise blue sea, rays of sunlight sparkling on the water’s soft, undulating surface, I find myself bathed in the twenty-plus degrees Celsius warmness of the Maltese sun. Before you get any more jealous; let me assure you I am not on holiday. An overwhelming feeling of relaxation comes over me, I am intoxicated by this very unfamiliar and thus slightly uneasy feeling of ‘no stress’ –where are my work papers, finance details of project x, y and z, why isn’t my phone ringing???
  • Picture yourself in a city
    07 April 2011
    Picture yourself in a city. It could be any city in Europe, perhaps Stockholm, Porto, Frankfurt (I’ll stop here in fear of having to name all cities in Europe just to be p.c.). And then imagine walking around in a sweltering heat, sweat seeping off your brow and tongue hanging out. You have just done the shopping and are carrying about twenty flimsy plastic bags in each hand.
  • Making successful cities
    17 March 2011
    According to the Oxford Concise English Dictionary, a landscape denotes ‘all the visible features of an area of land.’ I would propose that this definition is too narrow; in my opinion, landscapes encompass all the visible as well as all the invisible features of an area of land. At the recently held Apeldoorn: British-Dutch Dialogue, a bilateral conference series between the UK and the Netherlands, participants from many different backgrounds discussed the challenges and successes of the urban landscape.
  • Liveable city in 2050?
    07 February 2011
    Philosophical questions and proposals for concrete urban research were the two main components of the JPI Urban Europe Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) Workshop held on the 2nd and 3rd of February. Yes, contrary to common belief, combining thoughts on philosophy with concrete actions is not at all an impossibility. And definitely not with respect to JPI Urban Europe.
  • EMI participates in workshop JPI Urban Europe
    03 December 2010
    November 30 and December 1 2010 the JPI UE held a two-day policy vision workshop in Vienna. Deputy Office Manager EMI, Anneloes van Iwaarden reflects on this interesting session.