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The Green Islands of Luxembourg

The southern part of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is best known for its industrial development and high population density. However, numerous protected natural areas remain unknown to the public. PRO-SUD, the syndicate for the promotion and development of this particular region, seeks to promote the former mining region by enhancing the value of its landscapes and green spaces. To promote tourism in this region and to encourage newcomers to settle in this part of the country, a booklet is published entitled ´Green islands of the South´.

The Green Islands of Luxembourg consist of public gardens, recreation areas or parks and urban spaces open to everyone. This publication provides an overview of more than 50 green islands in the region. All of these sites must have a natural ability to self-sufficiency and an ecological ability to serve a population of over 3000 people who are distant within 15 minutes on foot. This project was also inspired by the project Red Trails. The latter aims to develop the South Region by connecting its municipalities by means of special ‘CFL/Sentiers Rougeshiking trails’ (CFL – National Railway Company). Each year a specific theme is chosen and artists from the Greater Region exhibit contemporary art in the natural and urban spaces along these paths.

Read more about htis project and how to obtain the booklet on the website of EUKN



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