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Sustainable neighbourhoods in Brussels

The aim of the "Sustainable Neighbourhoods" support programme initiated by Brussels-Environment is to help the inhabitants of the selected existing neighbourhoods of the Brussels region to change their behaviours and adapt their environment in order to preserve the planet and improve the well-being of all.

The sustainable neighbourhoods pursue common objectives which go beyond the boundaries of their territory and become part of the reality of the planet: reduce its impact on the environment, limit pollution, combat climate change and global warming, increase the well-being of all and guarantee equal opportunities and cultural exchanges. In these neighbourhoods, all the players act together to reconcile several fundamental, complementary and interdependent challenges: preserve natural resources and promote sustainable construction, save energy, rationalise consumption, decrease waste, improve air quality and reduce noise by finding different ways of travelling, living better together, living in a densely populated, active neighbourhood and promoting the natural heritage.

The partners subscribe to the challenges of the sustainable neighbourhoods as listed above and detailed in the project. They combine their efforts to implement their "sustainable neighbourhood" project and meet global challenges at neighbourhood level, through raising awareness and putting in place concrete actions, whilst aiming to develop an atmosphere of transparency and mutual respect. Every month the European Urban Knowledge Network (EUKN) publishes in cooperation with its members an article on a best practice. On the EUKN-website you can read more about this project: approach, results and organisation.