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Practice of the month: Europe Direct Centre The Hague

The Europe Direct Centre in the city of The Hague is a good example of a successful way to bridge the gap between the European Union and the citizens of The Hague. In May 2009 the European Direct Centre The Hague was officially opened by the Mayor of The Hague, Jozias van Aartsen. The centre is situated in the city hall, located at Spui 70.

The responsibilities of the European Direct Centre The Hague range from informing citizens about European themes to organizing interesting activities relating to European  topics. It also serves as the central point of contact for questions about Europe. In the centre you can find a wide collection of brochures on EU matters such as European institutions, education and employment.

Europe Direct Centre The Hague: The Hague candidacy as Capital of Europe 2018

The European Direct Centre organised multiple events such as the Day of Europe on the 9th of May 2012. The theme of this year was Europe in relation to culture. This followed The Hague’s candidacy for Capital of Europe in 2018.

Europe Direct Centre The Hague celebrates new countries to the European Union family

In celebration of the accession of Croatia to the European Union (planned for 1 July 2013), more than 400 visitors witnessed the opening of an exhibition about Croatia in the City Hall.  On the 26th of November Europe Direct The Hague will also host  an event celebrating the official candidacy of Serbia (made official in March 2012). The event is a joint effort of The Hague and the Serbian embassy and will take place in the city hall of The Hague. The evening will feature information on Serbia as well as many Serbian delicacies as way of introducing the citizens of The Hague to Serbian culture and gastronomy.  Feel free to join!