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Educational success in Paris

Paris is characterised by strong social heterogeneity which is reflected in its schools. Nearly 40% of pupils in public and private education come from the most privileged social groups. Conversely, the less well-off social groups are predominant in the north east part of the capital. Thus, the Paris Academy has implemented priority education resources in an effort to guarantee educational continuity and success and to raise the level of education and qualification for all. As part of these resources, the educational success system came into force in Paris in 2006.

Since the beginning of the 2007 school year, twelve multi-disciplinary educational success teams have been set up with the support of arbitrators working for the Paris Family allowance fund (CAF).

Its objective is to detect fragile children and young people and implement personalised educational success programmes (PPRE). These programmes include actions in various domains: educational support, psychological treatment, artistic activities and sports, actions in the health domain. The expected results of the actions, most of which are carried out outside classroom hours, are the academic and educational success of pupils from working-class areas as well as their social and civic integration.

On the EUKN-website you read more about this project.