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Amsterdam Smart City Initiative

Amsterdam Smart City is an independent partner for climate and energy projects. In the last 2 years Amsterdam Smart City gained experience and knowledge on how to create successful cooperations, how to develop awareness and how to implement and test smart technologies. The organisation gathers companies, authorities and citizens in Amsterdam to use energy in a smart way and test new technologies. Amsterdam Smart City is an initiative of the Amsterdam Innovation Motor (AIM) and Liander (electric network company), in close collaboration with the city of Amsterdam.


Example project: no more noisy diesel generators
Since the start in 2009, 16 projects have been started in cooperation with more than 70 partners in the field of sustainable working, living, mobility and public space. One of the projects consist of testing 200 shore power stations installed to allow ships to connect to green energy instead of relying on polluting and noisy diesel generators. The shore power is available through connections that use a pay-by-telephone system. With a single telephone call, the captain activates the connection with the shore power station by entering a personal code. In that way the CO2 emissions are minimal.

Example project: making municipality buildings energy efficient
Another project aims at creating more awareness and shows that energy-saving measures do yield real results. Via an online portal the municipality of Amsterdam gets insight into and to monitor energy consumption. Part of the municipality buildings are connected to the energy monitor. In the future tunnels and sport fields will also be connected. The building managers are trained in knowledge sessions and the experiences will be recorded in a knowledge base. Amsterdam Smart City effectively serves as an accelerator for climate and energy projects and in this way will contribute towards the fulfillment of the objectives of the city of Amsterdam, to reduce CO2 emissions by 40% compared to 1990 by the year 2025.

Winner of the European award ´Promoting sustainable energy in cities´
In June 2011 Amsterdam won the award ´Promoting sustainable energy in cities´. This  award is awarded to the project that according to the jury is the best example that shows how to deal with and promote the use of sustainable energy in cities. Amsterdam Smart City does this by brings public and private organizations and citizens together and by stimulating them to work together to test new technologies and initiatives in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.This “City Star Award` is part of the the European Commission's annual RegioStarAwards. The objective of the RegioStars Awards is to identify good practices in regional development and to highlight original and innovative projects which could be attractive and inspiring to other regions.

Would you like to have more information about this project? Please contact Amsterdam Smart City