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Become a RFSC City and improve your city’s strategies and projects

The Reference Framework for European Sustainable Cities (RFSC) is an online toolkit designed to help cities promote and enhance their work on integrated and sustainable urban development. It is available free of charge to all European local authorities and offers practical support in improving your strategies and projects of integrated and sustainable urban development.

The RFSC is a joint initiative of the Member States, the European Commission and European organizations of local governments. The RFSC gives a common space and language to the community of cities that are interested in learning from each other about sustainable and integrated urban development. The web based tool facilitates dialogue about sustainable and integrated urban development, is a checklist to improve strategies and projects and stimulates exchanges and learning between European cities. The tool can be used for a wide variety of strategies and projects: develop, improve and evaluate your local Agenda21, your urban and spatial planning, your strategic development plan, your projects of urban regeneration, your development of Eco-districts et cetera, et cetera.

Benefits of becoming a RFSC City

To make the most of learning and sharing opportunities offered by the tool, all European cities and municipalities are encouraged to sign up as RFSC Cities to:

• mainstream sustainability principles within their administration

• improve the sustainability focus of local policies

• benefit from dedicated training support and peer learning opportunities

• be part of the European community of 500 RFSC-cities

• showcase their commitment to sustainable development.

How to become a RFSC City?

To become a RFSC City, follow the steps below:

• go to the RFSC web tool and sign up for an account

• request an upgrade of your account ("extension of rights") to city/institution administrator

• print out the Letter of Commitment, fill it in and submit it to the RFSC Secretariat

For more information, please contact RFSC.


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