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Annual EUKN Conference: Exchanging knowledge on building “Energy Efficient Cities

On the 6th and 7th of November, the 6th annual EUKN conference gathered experts, practitioners and policy makers from all over Europe in Oradea, Romania, to discuss the progress but also the barriers in building Energy Efficient Cities.

EUKN organised another successful conference on this pressing urban topic – Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment. The conference took place in Oradea, a city in the Northwest of Romania, and it was organised back-to-back with an IMEA meeting, an EU FP7 project coordinated by EUKN and with partners from several European cities working on Energy Efficiency.

The conference, organised in cooperation with the Oradea Metropolitan Area, attracted both the international community as well as Romanian nationals.
Keynote speeches and workshops on the first day focused on the different dimensions of Energy Efficiency: Cultural Heritage, Governance, Partnerships with ESCO’s, and Behavioural Change. The EUKN Publication on the same topic: Energy Efficient Cities, was also presented to the public. The day ended with a festive dinner, highlighted by the performance of traditional Romanian dances.

The second day included an on-site visits to two renovation projects of  cultural heritage sites in the city of Oradea.

For more information on EUKN’s annual conference, please visit the EUKN-website.