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2012 - News and Publications

  • Discussing sustainable approaches to urban agriculture at the FoodFirst-Floriade conference The Green City
    12 October 2012
    On the 2nd of October 2012, experts and policy makers from Africa, Latin-America and Europe gave their realistic perspective on how urban and peri-urban agriculture can contribute to food security, poverty alleviation and sustainable city development. Deputy Major of Almere, Adri Duivesteijn, gave an overview of the development of the city in the field of urban agriculture and green city development and Anna Meroni shared the experiences and challenges of the ambitious urban agriculture project Nutrire Milano.
  • Overview of the concept urban sustainability
    04 October 2012
    Sustainable development, sustainable growth and sustainability are concepts which are used on a daily basis. Some argue that sustainability is a hype, others believe it is a concept which could change our future. But what exactly is ‘sustainability’? What is a sustainable city? What can cities do to comply with the concept of sustainable development?
  • Adaptation Strategies for European Cities
    27 April 2012
    DG Climate Action has initiated a project that will provide capacity building and assistance for cities in developing and implementing an adaptation strategy. Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI) is part of the project team and an international association of local governments and national / regional organisations that have made a commitment to sustainable development. ICLEI works with these and numerous other local governments through performance-based, results-oriented campaigns and programmes to achieve tangible improvements in global environmental and sustainable urban development.
  • Climate change adaptation in European cities: need for investments and best practices
    30 May 2012
    In May 2012 the European Environment Agency (EEA) presented its report ‘Urban Adaptation to Climate Change’. As first European-wide assessment of urban vulnerability to climate change it is concluded that cities need to start investing in climate adaptation measures using ideas and best practices around the world. In that way, the EMI Knowledge and Research Agenda Urban sustainability helps urban areas by offering best practices, an overview of EU policy on sustainable urban development and the results of a questionnaire on the theme filled in by around 100 city practitioners across Europe.
  • Reference Framework for Sustainable Cities: practical tool for sustainable urban development
    29 February 2012
    The testing phase of the web-based tool Reference Framework for Sustainable Cities (RFSC) has ended. A pool of 66 test cities from 23 Member States tested the practical web-based tool for sustainable and integrated urban development and gave feedback during the period March to September 2011. This has resulted in final conclusions and recommendations about the RFSC prototype (drawn up by Nicis Institute). In November 2011 in Warsaw the Ministers for urban development endorsed these conclusions and recommendations and decided that the final version will be developed and met at the disposal of all European cities. The RFSC final version will probably be available by the end of May 2012.
  • Results EMI – ICLEI survey: cities views on urban sustainability
    28 June 2012
    In the spring of 2012, ICLEI ( local governments for sustainability) and EMI (European Metropolitan network Institute) launched a joint survey on urban sustainability. The survey was sent to city officials and policymakers across Europe and is part of EMI’s Knowledge and Research Agenda on Urban Sustainability looking into research needs when it comes to stimulating urban sustainability.
  • EMI joins EMAS’ international workshop on best environmental management practices
    24 July 2012
    Experts and stakeholders from various backgrounds came together on the 28th and 29th of June in Seville to discuss a background report jointly produced by ICLEI, the Lake Constance Foundation and Ambiente Italia for the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies. The goal of the workshop was to discuss frontrunner environmental management approaches, appropriate indicators and benchmarks, refine the list of best practices, identify gaps and collect information for further development of the reference document for the public administration sector.