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Urban sustainability

Reducing CO2 emissions, creating more renewable energy sources, and reducing overall energy usage; these are just some of the many challenges facing today’s decision makers in Europe and beyond. Cities and urban areas are often perceived as being a large part of the problem when it comes to the size of their energy footprint.

At the same time, they are also part of the solution; cities and urban areas are increasingly striving towards energy-neutrality in the quest for increased sustainability. They have the ability to set the agenda, create an innovative climate change vision and show strong leadership. More research on urban sustainability can pave the way for metropolitan areas to play a significant role in meeting national and European climate and energy objectives.

  • Sustainable Urban Practices
    EMI has collected a number of inspiring and useful practices on urban sustainability as part of our EMI Urban Sustainability theme. Urban professionals across Europe (and beyond) have sent in these interesting examples of sustainability projects and practices. EMI would like to thank all people involved, for sharing their knowledge and experiences with other European cities. Every week you will find a new Sustainable Urban Practice published below.
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