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Cities tell their stories in the EMI Urban Practice Guide on sustainable urban mobility

Cities see the urgency of stimulating the use of sustainable transport methods within their city borders, but how do they actually realise this objective? By sharing the valuable experiences of cities on this issue, EMI helps the urban professional get a better insight into how other cities develop and implement policy measures and interventions. In EMI’s handy Urban Practice Guide, the reader gets a bird’s eye view of various innovative practices cities across Europe have used to stimulate sustainable mobility. Above all, practitioners have also given practical advice based on the lessons they learned along the way. So don’t miss this chance and order the first ever EMI Urban Practice Guide now!

In this guide, cities themselves talk about the measures and interventions they have taken in the field of sustainable urban mobility; what went right, what went wrong, and most importantly, what advice do they have for other cities thinking about similar projects. For example, the city of Oslo talks about its innovative plan to develop and finance roads and public transport.  The city of Bucharest gives you an insight into the results of their flexible public transport travel card to make public transport more attractive and efficient for its citizens.


In the guide, the practices have been grouped into different categories: measures and interventions linked to ‘regulation and pricing’, ‘influencing lifestyle and behaviour’ and ‘urban space’. The guide also contains a section that is devoted to how cities can make best use of technological opportunities.

Download this practical guide for free.

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