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News & publications

  • Silesia region – more research needed on mobility management and spatial planning
    20 December 2012
    That is the conclusion of the study visit on urban transport organised by the Regional Office of Silesia (Poland) in Brussels. Participants listened to experts talk about urban transport from a European perspective and were informed on financing possibilities in the new Multiannual Financial Framework. Conclusion: mobility management and spatial planning are themes which require more research.
  • CIVITAS Forum Conference 2012: 10 years of demonstration projects on urban mobility
    15 October 2012
    In the beautiful Spanish city of Vitoria-Gasteiz the 2012 CIVITAS Forum Conference took place from 24 September to 26 September 2012. The conference explored successful aspects of sustainable urban mobility and public space planning. EMI presented its Knowledge and Research Agenda on sustainable urban mobility. The projects and achievements of ‘CIVITAS Plus’ were a central element of the Conference. The new 4th phase of CIVITAS (‘CIVITAS Plus II’) is about to start with new cities participating in demonstration projects.
  • Urban Practice Guide- City of Hradec Králové in the spotlight
    13 July 2012
    As one of the contributors to the EMI Urban Practice Guide, Hradec Kralové talks about its policy to modernise public transport . The city Hradec Králové (Czech Republic) is one of Europe’s cities modernizing its public transport system. “Make sure you link the train and bus station into one public transportation terminal”, the city advises.
  • EMI Public Lecture: urban transport more prominent than ever
    25 June 2012
    On the 19th of June 2012 EMI held its third Public Lecture on Sustainable Urban Mobility in Brussels. Speakers at the lecture, Prof. Bert van Wee (Delft University of Technology) and Mr. Vincent Leiner (European Commission, DG MOVE) underlined the importance of mobility, stating that “urban transport is more prominent on the EU’s political agenda than ever”. EMI presented results of its Knowledge and Research Agenda including (near) future research needs on sustainable urban mobility. Icing on the urban mobility cake was the presentation of EMI's Urban Practice Guide, which illustrates 20 urban mobility practices from cities across Europe.
  • 'More evidence-based policy-making is necessary'
    27 April 2012
    According to participants of the 3rd CORPUS Mobility Workshop 'Policy meets Research', held on the 20th of April 2012 in Szentendre, Hungary, more evidence-based policy-making in European cities is critical. Discussions followed presentations of the CORPUS project on 'Sustainable consumption' and findings of the EMI Knowledge and Research Agenda 'Sustainable Urban Mobility'. Both agendas highlight the need for linking policy and practice with research, thereby underlining EMI's 'research-based, practice-led' philosophy.
  • City cycling: Mediterranean countries join forces in CYCLO project
    23 April 2012
    In an effort to develop a new approach for promoting sustainable mobility Mediterraenean countries have come together and set up the so-called CYCLO project. This project (Cycling cities - Local Opportunities for Sustainable Mobility and Tourism Development) aims to improve the quality of life in participating cities by, for example, promoting cycling. It includes 10 organisations from 6 EU Mediterranean countries: Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain. The lead partner of the project is the Municipality of Chiaravalle, Italy.
  • State of play - Sustainable urban mobility
    18 April 2012
    EMI is currently working on the Knowledge & Research Agenda Sustainable urban mobility. The goal of this EMI agenda is to contribute to the European mobility debate by means of integrated, coordinated and overarching knowledge on urban mobility and based on the actual needs of European cities and metropolitan areas (i.e. demand-driven). It identifies key research questions on the ‘transition’ to more sustainable forms of urban mobility by means of identifying key implementation challenges cities face.
  • Walking as sustainable transport mode - EMI at MobilTUM
    28 March 2012
    On 19 and 20 March 2012, EMI presented in collaboration with the city of The Hague at the conference MobilTUM2012. This conference was organised by the Institute for Transportation of the Technical University in Munich. This years’ specific focus was on Transport Demand Management: reducing, redistributing and changing mobility rather than increasing capacity of the transport system.
  • CYCLO Slovenia - cities still a lot of research needs regarding cycling and urban mobility
    28 March 2012
    On 22 and 23 March 2012 EMI was present during the CYCLO meeting in Kamnik, Slovenia to present the findings of the Knowledge & Research Agenda ‘Sustainable Urban Mobility’. In return the Euro-Meditteranean cities and local bodies pointed out what their research needs were. The cities also presented their own innovative awareness-raising activities to promote bicycle use.
  • Closer cooperation EMI – URBAN Intergroup
    29 February 2012
    After having held various fruitful discussions with each other, EMI and the URBAN Intergroup (European Parliament) have decided to cooperate more closely on urban issues and research. The URBAN Intergroup will function as a ‘sounding board’ for the Knowledge and Research Agendas EMI is currently developing. European cities and urban areas will be interested to know that the URBAN Intergroup will also draft important urban-related questions for cities to answer. In this way cities can give direct input to the European Parliament (via the URBAN Intergroup) on various urban issues. These questions will be set out in the EMI network and the answers will be collected and analyzed by EMI. All analyses will subsequently feature in the newsletters of both the EMI (EMI Insider) and the URBAN Intergroup (URBAN newsletter).
  • Urban Mobility Conference 2012: EMI presents paper on sustainable transport
    27 February 2012
    On the 19th and 20th of March the Institute for Transportation (Technical University, Munich) will host Mobil.TUM 2012, an international scientific conference on mobility and transport. During this conference EMI will present the paper ‘Focus on Walking´, prepared in cooperation with a practitioner at the city level, Mr. Toine Molenschot (Traffic & Transport Department of the City of The Hague) and an urban academic researcher, Dr. Jan Prillwitz (Associate professor at the Department of Human Geography and Urban & Regional Planning, Utrecht University). The paper focuses on the following:
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