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About the Knowledge & Research Agenda on Sustainable Urban Mobility

Urban transport is more prominent on the EU’s political agenda than ever. To bring together research and practice on this prominent topic, EMI has developed a Knowledge and Research Agenda on the actual problems cities and metropolitan areas come across when implementing policies to stimulate sustainable urban transport. Actually, until now research findings are insufficient to lead cities to more sustainable mobility systems. To actually contribute to this process and take the agenda a step further, EMI is actively engaged in building a broad Multi-annual Knowledge and Research programme with a consortium of cities and their stakeholders. We invite you to join this consortium.

Research needs cities in the Knowledge and Research Agenda

The EMI Knowledge and Research Agenda is based on a year-long intensive search for the most imminent research needs, as articulated by urban practitioners and academics. On all main themes the state of the art of both research and practice are combined and research needs for the future are indicated. One of the outcomes outlined in this agenda is that, when it comes to sustainable urban mobility, city policy-makers tend to focus on citizen behaviour, land-use planning and governance, whereas academic researchers are especially interested in regulation and pricing issues. City practitioners and academic researchers both feel more research is needed on the following themes:


  • Lifestyle and behaviour, urban space and scale:how to firmly connect land-use planning and mobility behaviour
  • Regulation and pricing:how to develop and implement urban parking policies
  • ITS and Technology:how to develop and implement future proof technologies
  • Governance:how to achieve coherence between long-term ambitions and short-term implementation and how to transfer successful measures


Download the complete report for free. If you are interested in participating in the consortium to develop a Multi- annual Knowledge and Research programme, please e-mail Ries Kamphof.

Cities share their stories in the Urban Practice Guide

In the process of working on the Knowledge & Research Agenda on sustainable urban mobility, many European cities participated and shared the measures and interventions they have taken to stimulate sustainable urban mobility; what went right, what went wrong, and most importantly, what advice do they have for other cities thinking about similar projects. All these experiences are collected in the recently published Urban Practice Guide. If you would like to know more about this guide, please visit the Urban Practice Guide section on this website.  


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