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Connecting Australian-European Science and Innovation Excellence (CAESIE) – funding for researchers and SMEs

CAESIE is a bilateral partnership initiative between the European Union and Australia specifically aimed at enhancing science and technology collaborations between SMEs and researchers. CAESIE will, amongst other things, explore Australian cooperation in research activities coordinated or networked among European Union Member States. It will also provide a forum for Australian participation in Horizon 2020, which will replace the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) of the EC in 2014.

Key policy priorities for the EU and Australia

CAESIE will focus on addressing three major societal challenges, which reflect key policy priorities for the EU and Australia. These areas build on existing EU-Australia cooperation activities and focus on areas of research strength and complementary capabilities. The selected areas are: clean energy, healthy ageing through enabling technology and sustainable cities.


These priority areas are broad descriptors and your project may fall within more than one of these or appear to be outside of the stated area. Therefore if you have any questions about your project and classification within the priorities then please contact CEASIE

How CAESIE can help researchers and SMEs

  • Free assistance and brokerage to establish early stage collaborative links between researchers and SMEs in Australia and Europe, for knowledge exchange and research and development (R&D).
  • Funded support through Priming Grants for initial contacts between researchers and SMEs that have identified a possible collaborative relationship:

- Stage one: AU$5,000 / €4,000 to support initial meetings and discussions between researchers and SMEs (e.g. travel and meetings focussed on forming a relationship)

- Stage two: AU$5,000 / €4,000 to formalise partnerships (e.g. further travel or legal fees) and/or assist with applying for major R&D funds (Australia-Europe).

  • Assistance with identifying government-funded programs and incentives in Australia and Europe for mayor project development and other opportunities for research and innovation. 

More information and how to get involved

For more information, please visit the CAESIE-website