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  • URBAN-NEXUS Dialogue Café on competing for urban land
    28 May 2013
    URBAN-NEXUS is a European FP7 funded project dedicated to promoting integrated approaches for sustainable urban development. More than 80 participants from a range of organisations with an interest or remit in developing sustainable land use participated in the third URBAN NEXUS Dialogue Café on “Competing for Urban Land” in Göteborg Sweden 10-11 April 2013. The Dialogue Café provided an opportunity for researchers, policy-makers and practitioners from across Europe to share their knowledge, experience, concerns, organisational aims, objectives and visions.
  • URBAN-NEXUS Dialogue Café on Health and Quality of Life in urban areas
    21 November 2012
    URBAN-NEXUS is a European FP7 funded project dedicated to promoting integrated approaches for sustainable urban development. On 17 and 18 October 2012, URBAN-NEXUS and partners from the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB) organised a dialogue café on Health and Quality of Life in urban areas. About 50 experts discussed ways to successfully integrate health and quality of life in broader urban policies.
  • Join the URBAN-NEXUS Dialogue Café on Health and Quality of Life!
    17 September 2012
    After organising a successful Dialogue Café on the issue of Urban Climate Resilience in Glasgow , the FP-7 funded URBAN-NEXUS project is moving on to the topic of Health and Quality of Life. In order to discuss the state of the art on that theme, a second Dialogue Café will be organised in Barcelona on 17 and 18 October.
  • URBAN-NEXUS stimulates cities to promote integrated sustainable development
    21 March 2012
    To further promote sustainable urban development, the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Program finances the URBAN-NEXUS project. This initiative facilitates the process of bringing stakeholders together, who will jointly focus promoting sustainable urban development. Shortly, URBAN-NEXUS will present its Strategic Dialogue and Partnership Framework (SDPF). Overcoming barriers related to language, culture and distance, URBAN-NEXUS will initiate dialogue and create European partnerships aiming for integrated sustainable urban development.
  • First URBAN-NEXUS Dialogue Café
    23 January 2012
    URBAN-NEXUS, financed by the European Commission Seventh Framework Program, will hold its’ first Dialogue Café on Urban Climate Resilience on the 29th-30th May 2012 in Glasgow. This workshop is the first of 5 interactive Dialogue Cafés to be organised. Themes that will be tackled in these respective workshops are: land-use, health and quality of life, governance and data monitoring.
  • Kick-off meeting URBAN-NEXUS in Sofia, Bulgaria
    29 November 2011
    On the 17th and 18th of November, URBAN-NEXUS, an EU funded Framework Programme 7 (FP7) project, held its kick-off meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria. A diverse group of research and knowledge dissemination institutes from across Europe are joining forces in this project to promote sustainable urban development and to create long lasting partnerships between stakeholders. The consortium will be led by Nicis Institute and brings together 13 other leading knowledge institutes, research organisations and governmental agencies from 9 EU-countries. EMI and EUKN both assist Nicis in this consortium.
  • EMI active in URBAN-NEXUS: synthesise urban research to reduce ecological footprint
    13 September 2011
    The urban field is characterised by a multiplicity of overlapping and typically disconnected urban policy research. There is a huge potential benefit in reviewing and synthesising recent and ongoing urban research. In order for cities to effectively face their challenges, it is essential to collaborate. The URBAN-NEXUS initiative will facilitate the process of bringing these stakeholders together, to reduce the overall ecological footprint of cities.