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Joint Programming Initiative - Urban Europe

  • Pre-proposal stage for second JPI Urban Europe pilot call successfully completed
    18 October 2013
    The 18th of September marked the official deadline for submitting a pre-proposal for the second JPI Urban Europe Pilot Call 2013. In total an impressive 145 pre-proposals were submitted, each significantly varying in approach and focus. The aim of Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) Urban Europe is to coordinate research and innovation in order to make better use of Europe’s public funds.
  • Second JPI Urban Europe Pilot Call open now - submit your pre-proposal
    25 June 2013
    After the successful first call, JPI Urban Europe has prepared a second joint call for proposals. The second Pilot Call is open now with a deadline for pre-proposals for September 18th 2013. Funding Agencies from Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Turkey and the United Kingdom are involved in the preparations of the second Pilot Call.
  • JPI Urban Europe @the Open Days
    30 October 2012
    As part of the annual European Week for Regions and Cities, the Open Days 2012, JPI Urban Europe organised a seminar on Cities of Tomorrow: Urban Futures in a Changing World on the 9th of October. Focusing on cohesion policy, top experts from both Europe and Asia spoke on urban futures. Moderated by Prof. Dr. Wim Hafkamp (Management Board JPI UE), invited speakers discussed current ambitions and challenges facing ‘cities of tomorrow’. During discussions, both speakers and audience members agreed that there is an overall lack of urban data and indicators, making it problematic to create long-term urban strategies and evidence-based policies.
  • Interview Margit Noll: JPI Urban Europe
    27 February 2012
    EMI interviewed Margit Noll, Member of the Management Board of JPI Urban Europe, a Joint Programming Initiative for coordinating research activities of European countries. Its main aim is to rethink and manage the urban transformation of urban areas and to strengthen their competitive position in the world. Margit Noll has been part of this initiative from the start and she feels that through JPI Urban Europe cities can make themselves more attractive, sustainable and economically viable.
  • EMI part of JPI Urban Europe: we invite all European cities & networks to join
    02 May 2011
    JPI Urban Europe is a joint initiative of 15 European countries to coordinate (national) research and make better use of funding across Europe. JPI wants to find out what urgent challenges should be tackled in order to create attractive, sustainable and economically viable urban areas in which European citizens, communities and their surroundings can thrive.
  • Next steps for JPI UE: Strategic Research Agenda
    04 February 2011
    JPI Urban Europe took a significant next step in its development phase by holding a workshop on the 2nd and 3rd of February 2011, to gather valuable input for its Strategic Research Agenda (SRA). Representatives from a variety of interested research councils and centres, universities, ministries, science and technology platforms and other networks from fifteen different countries were asked to contribute their ideas and thoughts on possible research themes to be used as a basis for JPI Urban Europe’s SRA.
  • Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) Urban Europe
    21 December 2010
    EMI, as a network institute, functions as a bridge between practice and research. This is one of the main reasons for EMI to participate in the Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) Urban Europe. Through JPI Urban Europe, Member States can generate European solutions by means of coordinated research. The aim is to create attractive, sustainable and economically viable urban areas, in which European citizens, communities and their surroundings can thrive.