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Public Lecture 2

The second EMI public lecture was about juvenile crime prevention.

  • EMI organises 2nd Public Lecture: when youths disturb city life
    29 November 2011
    On the 24th of November the second lecture as part of the EMI Public Lecture Series was held in Brussels. The aim of the lecture was to discuss elements of effective approaches towards juvenile crime prevention in European cities. A variety of people were present: policy officers from the European Commission, policy makers from municipalities, social workers, police officers, EU representatives of European cities and researchers. The lecture consisted of 2 interesting key-note speeches and an interactive session. Of course there was also the possibility to network.
  • EMI Public lecture: interactive session on juvenile crime prevention in cities
    15 December 2011
    During the EMI Public Lecture both Professor Wikström and the Mayor of The Hague, Mr. Van Aartsen gave a key-note speech on juvenile crime prevention. In addition, the participants got the opportunity to discuss the negative and positive aspects of crime prevention policy among youths. The participants came from a variety of cities: Stuttgart, Zagreb, Birmingham, Kaunas, Brussels, Amsterdam and The Hague. A true mix of researchers, policymakers and fieldworkers was present.