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Projects & Events

EMI organises various urban-related events throughout the year. All these events aim to bridge the gap between research and practice. Workshops, public lectures and roundtable discussions facilitate the sharing and further creation of urban knowledge. In this way, urban professionals are presented with innovative, interdisciplinary and interactive means to approach complex urban issues.

  • European projects
    EMI participates in various European projects with partners on the European, national, regional and local level.
  • EMI public lectures
    The aim of the EMI Public Lecture Series is to truly combine scientific knowledge with the knowledge of urban practitioners. During the lecture a key note speaker from the scientific world and a key note speaker working in the urban field both give their view on a certain theme. In interactive sessions following the key note speeches, the knowledge and expertise of research and practice are truly combined.
  • Urban events calendar
    For interesting conferences, workshops and seminars in European cities.