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Becoming a member of EMI´s network is a great way to keep up to date with urban activities and interesting information on urban development. For each project or activity, EMI actively engages and involves its network of urban professionals, research institutes, civil society, network organisations and private companies.

Joining the EMI network means that you regularly receive invitations to EMI events such as lectures and workshops as well as updates on EMI’s research activities and European projects. In order to share and create new knowledge, EMI also relies on its network to give valuable input on specific urban-related questions of European cities.

  • EMI video: interview with EMI director Hester Menninga
    14 May 2012
    Watch this interview about the core business of EMI and EMI's activities for cities and researchers.
  • Partners and network
    23 February 2012
    EMI works together with a multitude of institutes and organisations on urban projects. By collaborating with network organisations, universities and institutes on the local, national and European level, EMI strengthens the link between players and stakeholders in the urban field.
  • Interesting links
    23 June 2010
    Links to European institutions, organisations, news sites and networks.
  • Join the consortium
    01 October 2012, pdf, 1MB
    EMI is creating and building a multiannual Knowledge and Research Programme