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Our mission

Our mission is to create and share innovative, demand-driven knowledge, both for and by European cities and metropolitan areas.

Cities are key to Europe’s economic growth and development by being hubs of creativity, innovation and productivity. As over 80% of European citizens will be living in urban areas by 2020, Europe and its citizens are best served if its urban regions and metropolitan areas are strong, smart and sustainable. At the same time, European cities and metropolitan areas are dealing with major social, economic and environmental challenges. An ageing society, environmental degradation, ensuring sustainable transportation, mobility for all and effective governance are just a few of the complex issues facing our urban areas. 

EMI aims to


  • build a multi-level and multi-stakeholder network of people, cities and knowledge
  • strengthen European cities and metropolitan areas by means of integrated, coordinated and overarching knowledge and research
  • offer a range of activities dedicated to accelerating cross-border cooperation and learning processes focused on European urban issues
  • provide concrete recommendations for both urban policy and practice