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Annual Report 2011: Activities and Achievements

EMI  finalised its annual report with activities and achievements for the year 2011. In 2011 a multitude of important steps were taken to create awareness and commitment for EMI. In this way we continue to work on the ambition to facilitate the creation of innovative urban knowledge, as well as applying it to the relevant urban networks. 

And the future holds...

In 2012 EMI will further consolidate its position in the European urban arena with the express aim to create more synergy between EMI’s various partners but also between the urban challenges and topics addressed over the past years. The European urban field is widely diverse. And therefore, in economic and financially challenging times, cooperation, collaboration and joining forces is the only way forward. We invite stakeholders and interested parties to read EMI's annual report and join the EMI network.

Here you can download EMI's Annual Report: Activities and Achievements for 2011.