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About EMI

EMI is an institute created both for and by cities. It was set up to create innovative knowledge about the opportunities and challenges facing Europe’s cities and metropolitan areas. Essentially, EMI is a network institute actively supporting the sharing of knowledge between urban professionals, research institutes, civil society, network organisations, private companies and EU institutions. In this way EMI aims to bridge the gap between research and practice.

  • EMI video
    21 February 2012
    Watch this short introduction on the European Metropolitan network Institute.
  • Our core activities
    16 February 2012
    EMI focuses on 4 main activities.
  • Our mission
    16 February 2012
    Our mission is to create and share innovative, demand-driven knowledge, both for and by European cities and metropolitan areas.
  • Annual Reports
    23 February 2012
    For an overview of EMI's activities and achievements, please read our Annual Reports.
  • Contact
    16 February 2012
    EMI's general contact details.
  • Vacancies
    16 February 2012
    Information on current job and internship opportunities at EMI:
  • About this site
    15 October 2012
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